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I just can’t reach / see my toes anymore?

Whether it is because of a bad back, worsening eyesight, losing flexibility in the legs or just getting a slightly larger stomach! No need to worry Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic is here to help. We are able to cut your toe nails if you can’t and your partner/children don’t want to anymore.

This service will gain a rebate through your private health fund. On average the nails need to be cut every 6-8 weeks but this does vary between people.

My heel/shin/knee hurts when I walk/run?

insoleWe have all ages of people and all levels of fitness present to us with this complaint. You don’t have to be a professional sport star to suffer injuries to your lower limb. These injuries can be in the form of overuse chronic injuries or acute tears of ligaments, tendons and muscles. In some cases these injuries can be due to our foot movements throughout the walking or running cycle. If a building is built on a poor fitting it will move and crack. This is no different to a body standing on poorly positioned feet hence why so many complaints can be related to the poor foot position.

Our management at Canning Vale Podiatry involves an assessment of your stance and gait plus looking at wear patterns of various shoes. The treatment will then involve a variation of stretching exercises, mobilisation, change of shoes, use of orthotic therapy or a combination of these.

We provide both standard off-the-shelf orthotics and fully customised orthotics

I have diabetes and my GP says I need my feet checked?

Diabetes is one of the most common diagnoses made in a GP clinic, it is currently at epidemic proportions in Australia. You may wonder why you need to have your feet looked at for a sugar problem in your body. Unfortunately if not managed correctly this sugar problem can cause lots of problems with many areas of the body including the feet.

We recommend seeing your podiatrist at least every 12 months for a foot health check and advice on maintaining your foot condition. We don’t want you to become another foot amputation statistic of diabetes.

Can you tidy up my feet?


Corns, calluses and heel fissures cause many people a great deal of pain as well as not looking so good cosmetically. We can helpnwith this. Unfortunately there is no cure for these conditions however with careful removal of the thickened skin and advice for home treatment we can improve the condition of the skin greatly.

In the current era many people are willing to pay beauticians a large sum of money to smooth the skin on the feet. As podiatrist we are trained and very skilled in using a small scalpel blade to remove the thickened skin and enucleate the corn if required. This service will gain a rebate through your private health insurance.